What We do


Key Differentiators :
  • Fixed interest rate: Interest Rate is fixed with reset option generally after every 5 years. Fixed interest rate helps in reducing the variability in the cash flows by de-risking the projects from interest rate volatility .
  • Long tenor rupee term loan/debentures/bonds: We can provide long tenor debt with structured repayment schedule aligned to project cash flows.
  • Quick turnaround of proposals: Our sector expertise and appraisal skills help in quick credit assessments of projects and deliver project financing solutions in a timebound manner.
  • Structured solutions: Our experience and deep domain knowledge helps in structuring customised financing solutions that meets the needs of the projects and our borrower clients.
  • Strong ESG Focus: We lay strong emphasis on complying with all the environmental and social guidelines so that the projects we invest in have minimum negative impact on the society and environment.